About Us

Pass HX is an innovative, independant driving school based in the heart of Somerset and covering all surrounding areas.  Teaching safe driving skills for life is at the core of all our lesson plans; as is innovation.

We offer several different learner driver lesson plans to ensure you learn your way.
In addition to our high quality lessons we offer a unique programme of Masterclasses suitable for even the most experienced of drivers. These include our unique Parking Skills Masterclass and Fuel Efficiency Driving aimed at teaching these skills to experienced drivers who didnt benefit from such lessons when they learnt to drive. we also offer confidence building lessons such as Motorway Driving Skills and Upgrading to a Bigger Vehicle.

Pass HX aims to teach safe driving skills for life to learner drivers, new and existing drivers throughout Somerset.

You will learn to drive, or improve your driving skills in a professional environment with a patient, polite and friendly driving instructor with lessons tailored around each individual. Lessons can start and finish at your choice of location and you will never be asked to share a lesson.

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