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How Motoring Has Changed

Its been 28 years since I passed my test, and 25 years since I started driving professionally. In that time a lot has changed on the roads so I was interested when The RAC published the 25th edition of its annual report on motoring. So, what has actually changed in motoring since their first report…


After you’ve passed your test…………….

So, you’ve passed your driving test and all you want to do is get out on the road to take your new-found freedom for a spin. As exciting as taking to the road alone for the first time is, it can also be pretty daunting. After having sat next to your driving instructor and parents…


The Driving Test – how it all began

A voluntary driving test was introduced in England in 1935. The test cost 37½ pence and the pass rate was 63%. The first person to pass was called Mr Been. There weren’t any test centres and examiners would meet candidates at a pre-arranged spot, like a park or railway station. The compulsory driving test was introduced…