Best Practice for Safe Motorway Driving

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Best Practice for Safe Motorway Driving

At Pass HX we understand that Motorway Driving can be very daunting for both the new driver and experienced drivers. Speeds are faster, other drivers behave differently and there are a whole new set of rules and conventions to comply with. Getting professional tuition on motorway driving is the safest way to learn how to drive on a motorway, and will ensure that you have the confidence to use these convenient road networks.

Our Motorway Driving Masterclass is a 2 hour course where you are taught the skills needed to drive safely and confidently on the motorway using the appropriate speeds and knowledge needed for safe driving.

Our specialist 2 hour lesson will take the fear away from motorway driving at a pace and level that suits you. Our instructor’s will put you at ease and ensure that you are fully confident and trained fully in the art of motorway driving.

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