Driving Test Myths

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Over the years we have heard many bizarre myths about taking your driving test, some are funny but some are just plain silly! The simple truth is that if you fully understand the skills for good driving, get plenty of practice and as much tuition from a qualified instructor(ADI) as possible you will pass. Choosing an ADI such as Pass HX who include Mock Practical tests as part of their normal lessons plan will get you ahead, and equip you with safe driving skills for life.

Here are a few of funniest and silliest myths we have heard:

Myth 1
The driving test examiners only pass a certain number of people per day, and no one passes on a Friday!
This is false. Everyone whose driving is good enough passes, whatever day of the week it is!  Driving Examiners are highly professional people , and of course they have their bosses to report to – an unusual or inexplicable number of passes or failures would be looked into. It’s easier for an examiner to give good news rather than bad, and a pass means less paperwork for them!

Myth 2
It is best to take the driving test at the beginning of the day/week/month in case they have already passed enough people.
False. See above. If your driving is good enough, you pass.

Myth 3
Men are better drivers
Neither men nor women are perfect or better drivers.

Myth 4
Old people have more accidents than young people
Statistically 17 -25 year olds have more accidents than any other age group

Myth 5
Most people only need a few driving lessons to pass their test
Latest DSA statistics show that on average a learner driver took over 50 lessons and had an extra 16 hours private practice before they pass their test.

Myth 6
People who have just passed their test are better drivers than older people
People who have just passed their test are in fact more likely to have an accident, so please drive carefully no matter how long ago you passed your test.

Myth 7
Driving Schools make you take more lessons than you really need.
The main cause of people failing their test is people taking the test before they are ready, usually meaning they needed more lessons It is not in any driving school’s best interests to have lots of learners taking lesson after lesson with no end result. We want our former pupils to spread the word about their success! We give you advice, and if you want an independent rough guide: you are ready to take your test if you can drive for an hour without the verbal aid or assistance of your instructor. The DSA says that most people fail simply because they take the test before they are ready.

Myth 8
The Theory Test is easy as it is just commonsense
Some answers may involve common sense or general knowledge but not most of them. For instance common sense won’t tell you that the minimum tyre tread depth for cars is 1.6mm. The only way you’ll know that is by learning it!

Myth 9 
Intensive or crash courses guarantee you will pass in a short period of time.
No one can guarantee a pass! Intensive driving courses work well for some people, less well for others. Some driving schools may imply that you will pass quickly first time, but they cannot guarantee a pass! Everyone learns differently which is why Pass HX tailor our courses to each individual learner.

Myth 10
The minimum age for driving lessons/learning to drive is going to rise to 18.
This story has been going round for years! There are no plans to raise the age for learning to drive.  However, it is true that recently a government task force recommended that learning should begin at 17 and the driving test taken at 18. However, for the age to change, it would require an Act of Parliament, which takes at least 2-3 years to become law. So, no need to worry about this for a while.



This article was written by Sarah-H