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The weather forecast is predicting poor conditions; Somerset has already experienced snow and ice is now predicated. Nobody wants to break down or get stuck in the snow, but if you are unfortunate enough to have it happen to you, it is better to be prepared. So here is a timely reminder of what I do.

Remember to take your mobile phone on every journey (but of course never use it while driving) and consider carrying an emergency pack in the car which contains a reflective jacket, torch, blanket and warm clothes, boots, food bars and drink, first aid kit, battery jump leads, a tow rope and a spade.

You can minimise the risk of breaking down by making sure your car is well maintained and serviced. Make sure your tyre pressures are checked regularly and they have at least the minimum level of tread depth of 1.6mm, although 3mm is advisable especially in winter. Whilst checking your windscreen fluid, don’t forget your radiator will need the correct level of anti-freeze. The battery needs to be in good condition as vehicles use a lot more power in winter. Keep lights clean and check bulbs regularly as this will ensure good visibility as treacherous driving conditions are exacerbated by the longer nights and poor daytime light conditions.

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Remember also that stopping distances double in wet conditions, so decrease your speed and leave plenty of room between you and the car in front. In icy conditions stopping distances increase to ten times. Beware, micro climates can easily develop under bridges and on roads shaded by trees.

Drive carefully, and remember summer will soon be here!!! Won’t it??

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