Driving at Night

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As the nights are starting to draw in, I am again reminded of the many drivers I have met over the years who dislike driving at night, and one or two who have a real phobia of it. And this phobia is far more common than you think it would be, in fact it even has a name – Nyctocarlanphobia

Once we pass our tests it is easy to fall into a complacent driving routine, sticking to driving only the routes and roads we are familiar with, and at the same regular times of day. My Driving at Night Masterclass was developed to restore confidence for those experienced drivers who are confident in all other driving skills, but don’t enjoy, are fearful of or just need a confidence boost to get hem behind the wheel at night.

Believe it or not, there are several different types of fear of driving. Not all people that deal with this condition experience it in the same way, nor are they scared of the same things. For those that have a fear of driving at night, their worries are not an issue until it comes time for the sun to go down. While some may think that being scared to drive at night is the lesser of two evils and less of a problem than being scared of driving overall, this version of driving phobia has a set of problems all its own.

Although being able to drive with no issues during the day is fine, avoiding night time driving can still become disruptive to a person’s life. While those that avoid driving altogether turn to the options of public transport and friends/family members to drive them around, trying these alternatives could prove to be more difficult when it comes to night time. Not all modes of public transportation are available all night in many areas of Somerset and this could leave you stranded if you need to go somewhere late at night. Additionally, your friends and family members may not feel like getting up in the middle of the night just to drive you around!

The reason why some drivers may have a fear of driving at night may be due to a traumatic experience that happened at night while they were behind the wheel, or it may simply be an  issue of lack of confidence, whichever reason we have had so many requests that it led us to develop a solution – You can overcome the fear of driving at night, or motorway driving, improve parking skills or simply help in learning to drive a bigger car with one of our unique Masterclasses, all of which are available as a gift voucher – a great idea with Christmas coming up.

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This article was written by Sarah-H