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Summer’s rapidly approaching. You’ve booked your last driving lesson with us and before you know it you will be passing your test and enjoying new freedom this summer.

What better way to make the most of your new licence than a summer road trip!

But before you head off to the beach, we’re here to help with a handy guide for your first travels.

  1. Learn your route – Relying on a GPS unit as a new driving could lead to unnecessary distractions.
  2. Check your car’s vitals – Water levels, tyres (and anything else, e.g. spare tyre)
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  4. Pack the essentials -Maps and directions, supplies (drinking water, food)
  5. Be cautious when driving in new areas – You should be extra careful when driving in an area you are not familiar with and pay extra attention to your surrounding and any signs that may be of use.
  6. Allow extra time – remember that lots of other drivers will have the same idea as you to head for the beach meaning roads can be busy and congested.

We hope you enjoyed your driving lessons with Pass HX and they help you enjoy your summer with added freedom!

And if you haven’t started your driving lessons yet, now couldn’t be a better time. We have lots of offers to get you started, you could be driving to the beach by the summer!!

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