The Secret to Parking Anywhere!

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For many qualified drivers parallel and bay parking is a skill that is soon forgotten, or in fact was never learnt. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new driver or if you’ve been driving for years, parking can be tricky and parallel parking in particular does seem to be a challenge for many drivers. I created the Masterclass for qualified drivers following several requests and conversations with friends (and my wife!) who had been driving for years but still felt unable to park where they wanted.

It seems the pressure of someone waiting for you makes the task of parking that much harder. Many motorists told me they find it more difficult to park if another motorist is stopped waiting for them to manoeuvre into a space and I can’t help but agree! The parking Masterclass is available as a gift voucher and is proving very popular as an unusual Christmas present.

A survey carried out earlier this year by an insurance company revealed that drivers find the parallel park manoeuvre so difficult that they avoid using it altogether. It is assumed that once a driver has passed their test they can cope with all aspects of motoring but found that that 10% of motorists avoid parallel parking altogether while 21% rarely or never attempt the manoeuvre. A further 58% of motorists admitted to attempting a parallel park but end up giving up and driving off to find an alternative place to park.

Age groups also revealed interesting figures, drivers aged between 18-24 were found to be most likely to avoid parallel parking out of all the age groups. 29% of this age group rarely or never attempted the procedure.

Time scales were also looked at in the survey with drivers spending on average around four minutes attempting to get their vehicle in a space whereas 14% will try for five to fifteen minutes.

It is estimated by that £1.3 billion worth of damage has been caused over the past year through vehicles being hit by careless manoeuvres.

After this course, drivers will benefit from the convenience of being able to park in even the most challenging spaces. That should make Christmas shopping a bit easier!

This article was written by Sarah-H