Fuel Efficient Driving

Saving you money and the environment

To learn all of the tips and techniques on how smarter driving techniques cut fuel costs, reduces the wear and tear on your car, cut your carbon emissions and reduce the risk of accidents take our unique Masterclass. And business owners, If you would like to find out how to help your company car and van drivers can reduce their fuel consumption and become smarter drivers our Masterclass is the best investment you could make.

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Worried about fuel costs or fuel supply? You could save around 20p a litre on every litre of fuel you buy through adopting fuel-efficient driving techniques. It’s not just about the car you drive, but it is also about the way you drive. Most of us think of ourselves as good drivers – but even for the best drivers, simple changes to your driving technique will reduce fuel consumption.
During times of short fuel supply and increasing prices, preserving fuel is more important than ever. Now is an excellent time to start learning to drive more efficiently. Carrying on driving in this way will continue to save you money well into the future. All new drivers are taught these skills as part of their learn to drive lesson plans, however those of us that passed their test 8 years or more ago will not have been taught these cost (and environment) saving skills. This is a quick way of developing these skills in a 2 hour lesson.
Competitively priced at £35, this lesson will start to pay for itself as soon as you get back behind the wheel.
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